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  1. Thanks all, yes she appears very settled in the kennel, she makes no attempt to escape, and everything is very easy to manage now, no more tangling chains etc., and its easy to maintain by just hosing the floor down and I can stand up inside when feeding and watering due to the pitched roof. The neighbours were a little concerned about the size initially and asked if I was moving into it!
  2. Finished the kennel a couple of weeks ago and Nel is loving it, no longer needs to be chained up and most of the time I leave the door open for her and she comes and goes as she pleases. Also worth noting is whem I take her out for a run and put her lead on she no longer rolls over onto her back like she did, when she does I tell her No and to Sit and dont put the lead on unless she sits and therefore she learns that she doesnt go for a run if she rolls over.... Here are some photos of the finished kennel and also some of Sam and Nell taken this morning, hope you enjoy
  3. Hi All, I've nearly got it done. Decided to put a pitched roof on it so that i can get in and out of it, i've put it down the side of the house behind our garage, its an area that rarely gets used and is therefore ideal and doesn't take up anyspace in the rear garden. Also its on a hard surface so she won't be able to borrow under the side and get out..... Here are some pics, as said not quite finished yet. Notice Nel having a stretch in the photo, its been quite amusing, she's been checking it out, she's been in and out of her dog house and keeping an eye on what i'm doing, its almost as though she's thinking 'so they think i won't be able to get out of that do they?' I'm sure she's been doing a 'reccy' and has found a way out of it before i even start, i'm sure she's one step ahead of me with everything i do!!
  4. Hi All, I've finally managed to get Nel a proper Kennel run as pictured on this website:- http://www.ukdogshopdirect.com/collections/kennels-run-panels/products/50x50-mesh-dog-run-galvanised-panels I've purchased 10 x panels, each one is 1.84m long and 1.5m high, therefore will be a nice size for her to have a bit of freedom whilst we are at work and we know she will be secure. One of the panels is a 'gate end'. They are pretty strong, they bolt together. However, my question is this:- What do you suggest i use for the roofing? I need something which i can get on and off quickly, but something which is also going to be strong enough that she cant get off and the wind won't blow off. I intend on putting her wooden dog house in there at one end, so she has somewhere to retreat, but also can come out and have a walk around. But i need to get in there to clean up after her and hose down, and at 1.5m high its not going to be possible with a fixed roof..... Any ideas anybody?
  5. Thank you, i think she's a real beauty, although i've got a good bond with Sam, he is much more of a confident dog, i've got a very special connection with Nel, possibly because of the nice gentle character that she is. I allowed her upstairs a few months ago, she laid alongside my side of the bed on the floor, and it was nice to open my eyes throughout the night and see her laying/sitting there looking at me, she woke me up a few times with a nudge, however apparently she wasn't always laying there, my wife said she was up and down the stairs all night long.....
  6. Hi All, I meant to state that i thought you would comment that she isn't as bad as i explained, however remember this is when she is already outside, not when she's inside worrying about going outside if that makes sense? I will try and get a video of her and me together without me speaking and just sitting there like somebody above requested, i think this will be a good show of exactly what she is like, i will take her in the house and risk the urinating just to show you what she is like inside the house, she can't settle, is constantly jumping over things, running one way, running the next, ears pricked up constantly, and then comes the time you try and get her out of the house and all the pressure begins with the peeing and mopping up and spraying air freshner etc., Regarding the choker chain, this 'was' a necessity, when we first took her on, the first walk out she slipped the collar on a walk with my wife, i was at work, my wife was in pieces as she knew how much she meant to me, and she sprinted away from my wife and took around 1/2 hour to find. She then slipped the collar with me, and i decided from there on that i would only take her out with a choker chain on, i would rather have that and it look cruel than to have her end up under the wheels of a car.
  7. Taking a rest break sitting in the fields with my dogs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwXN0QQ232k
  8. Back on the lead, notice how the tail is tucked under again? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lz73_VIa2rc
  9. Nel off the lead again running http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5OS9ZY8dzE
  10. On a walk, notice how she keeps waiting for me? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hmIsNQXQ7U
  11. Releasing Nel from the Lead and running off the lead. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnp9zTJSvGI
  12. Nel walking on the lead, notice how timid she feels? Look at her tail, you can't even see it as its tucked complete under her stomach. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2b5yG-64BGA
  13. Trying to get Nel on a leash to take her for a walk, note how she turns over? The would have resulted in her peeing everywhere inside the house, and as i walked away i could feel wet over the lower half of my legs, don't know if it was pee or from the water on the ground that she may have rolled in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQWeWnoVUCs
  14. Here are some videos of her taken yesterday. Nel in the garden, showing her Kennel, a little different than the types of Kennels you are thinking of? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNF9MBPTu_k
  15. Hi bcnewe2, you sound like a Psycologist! It may sound like i'm putting obstacles in the way, however until you are in this situation with a dog like Nel, its difficult to imagine how difficult some of the suggestions will be. For example, a crate is a nightmare, we tried that a while ago when we left her for the first time when she chewed the leather couch, we then purchased a crate, she didn't like it, we tried to put her in and she wets everywhere. I was really surprised when she went into the Kennel in the garden herself, as it wasn't originally purchased for a dog, i originally purchased it for cats that i inherited, however the cats didn't use it, and the first time Nel see it she went straight in and took it over. I have thought about putting the Kennel in the house, but it is massive and the house needs to be livable and comfortable. I'm considering building something nice and homely for the house but serves the same purpose as the Kennel that she can get inside, feel comfortable and secure, however this still won't help with when it comes time in the evening or morning or afternoon to get her outside into the garden or for a walk to relieve herself, it ends up being messy with her peeing everywhere, honestly it really isn't pleasant. You can't pick her up, when you pick her up she will pee everywhere. Putting a length of leash on her, she goes mad, pulls, scratches, and eventually she gets it off. She also senses when you are going to take her out, she will hide in an area of the house, for example we have a corner section between 2 x couches with a table, and she will get under/behind that, we then have to remove the table to get to her by which time she has already wet everywhere. She already has a roof on her Kennel. Anti - Anxiety drugs sounds like an option to consider.
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