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Unwanted herding behavior

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The stray dog (Marco) I found 2 months ago is still with me looking for a new forever home (though I'm getting attached to him). During his stay with me I've been working with him on building his confidence, basic commands and removing some unwanted behaviors. For the most part he has come a long way from when I found him.


I'm unsure if he had some herding training from his prior owner (who abandoned him) or his behavior was never corrected in the beginning. I'm clueless when it comes to herding, but my bet is on uncorrected behavior. The only reason why I think he might of been used for herding is because of the place where I found him. The closest houses nearby are all farms with cattles and sheeps, but none have said their dogs are missing. When he does go after other dogs or people, he does appear to direct them pretty well, and his speed and endurance far exceeds my BC or any other dogs he's been in contact with. At the dog park when he's playing with other dogs, he can start yards from where other dogs are running and be able to run infront of the lead dogs in seconds and when he's being chased, he can run and look back while other dogs are running, it's quite amusing. He also has good recall from several yards away, even if he's in the middle of a chase.


When I found him, he would try to herd just about anything. Dogs, people and cars, etc. Since then I have curbed his herding for cars, most people and dogs. Right now at random times at the dog park, he will go after people and nip them either at their heels or wrists. Friends say it doesn't hurt, but the whole motion he him flying up and nipping looks scary. I correct the issue when he is close by or I get him to come back if I see him taking off after someone. As for the people he'll try to herd, I can't figure everything that triggers him. I know if someone starts running, he'll take off after them, I can correct this by calling him back or slapping my hands loudly to break his focus. However, sometimes he'll go after people when they are just raising their hands or just walking. Even with dozens of people around doing similar things, he picks out a specific individual to herd. He doesn't do it to everyone, just certain individuals and I haven't figured out the trigger yet. He's been on a leash unless he's with a group of friends.


My knowledge on training is limited and need help to curb the behavior. The advice I got so far and am using is just recall him if he starts herding people, but personally I don't think that's enough.


Pics for clicks


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