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Rosie ate a bird

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Rosie is our 13 week old sheltie mix. She weighs about 9 # now. This am, she got to a bird in the driveway before I could. I think it was already dead, thanks to our kitty population. Anyway, we tried to get it from her, Scout the Wonder Dog (BC mix) tried to get it from her, to no avail. She swallowed the whole thing. It was a brown sparrow type bird, you couldn't imagine it could even fit down her throat!!


Will she be ok? She is acting fine so far. She goes back to the vet Weds. for more shots.


It was far and away one of the yuckiest things I have ever seen. My boys had a field day at school making everyone sick telling the story over and over. My 6 year old is convinced she will keel over and die at any moment. Will it just move on through with the rest of the disgusting things she manages to ingest? Trust me she has LOTS of supervision, but she is FAST!!!

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She will be fine. One of our dogs ate a live mouse once. She had it in her mouth - wanted it to play with her. When she saw that I was going to take it from her, she swallowed it live, and whole. There was never a sign of anything - she digested the entire thing, even the fur. Maybe you'll see a few feathers in her stool, but I wouldn't be surprised if you never see any evidence on the other end!


Kathy Robbins

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