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I Met My Dog's Evil Twin

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Personality twin, that is.


I was walking Buddy in the woods when I saw a little tan fluffball up ahead. Looked like some kind of a corgi mix. Put Buddy on the leash, and prepared to do my usual call-out, "My dog might not be friendly." Only, no humans. This was apparently a little neighborhood dog who'd taken a walk. I think I've seen him loose before.


It was like watching grouchy, reactive dog twins. Both dogs walked to the side of the path and started faking up a storm like they were really interested in smelling this-exact-piece-of-grass-right-over-here. Then, as we moved closer, they both stiffened and put their tails up, in prepare-to-meet alert. Ears up, heads as high as they could go, careful, tense step. Avoid eye contact. Stop. Move a step or two. Stop. Move another two steps. Quick! Go right to butt sniffing! No face contact!


So, Buddy was sniffing the little dog's butt, and I thought I'd do some ear-rubbing on the little guy, to keep him from doing any sudden jumpy moves that might set Buddy off. But, no! The little guy was just as nervous as Buddy, and when I tried to scratch under his chin, he gave a low growl at me. The exact thing - well, maybe more measured - that Buddy would do in that situation.


Then they both peed a bunch of times on the same spot, and we took our departure happily.


I love it when Buddy meets a dog who understands the same social rules he does. It's so rare!



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