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Well, it looks a little something like this:




Now, you can note the swelling mostly on Idolon's face, she had hives all over her body that were more difficult to pinpoint due to her coat. Short-coats are easier to see hives on, as it will appear as though the coat is rumpled, an sticking up in patches.


Ido came in after a potty break, and in rubbing over her head I felt a bump on her lip...Odd. I remarked on it to my BF, had him feel it to just to be sure I was not imagining it. It was there. Ido was acting fine. Didn't seem tender, the bump was not red, in fact I was surprised I'd found it at all. I found a tick on her the next minute, plucked it off and applied their frontline. (I'd been putting it off...bab mummy that I am.) I let them lay in the laundry room for their frontline to dry for bit.


An hour or so later, I hear the dogs shuffing round the bed, which struck me as odd seeing as I had believed them securely baby-gated in the laundry room. Well, they had nudged their way out--and good thing, too! Idolon's face was a swollen, pitiful mass...I rushed her to the vet, pronto. I'd been sick all morning, so it may have been some time before I'd noticed Idolon's face at all, had they not 'escaped' and come out to get me. I'd been up in bed, sleeping the sickies off.


Well, these pics were taken when we got home...she looks MUCH better in these pics than when we left for the vet, but the swelling is still visible. She looks like she either lost a boxing match, or her father was a shar-pei. Poor girl. She is snuggled close and sleeping, right now. Most all of the swelling has gone down, and its been 3-4 hours. Her face is almost back to normal.


I don't know what caused it...the bump? Maybe. Could have been a bee sting. But it could also just be a coincidence. I do not believe it was the frontline, as she has never had an adverse reaction to it before, and its been applied to her plenty of times. I'll know more about the bump still being there wen all her facial swelling goes down. But in all truth, it could have been anything. More pictures...





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I'd probably vote for a bee or wasp sting - we saw several bumblebees buzzing in the lawn yesterday and they were irresistible to the dogs, so I had to tell them to "leave it".


Our dairy goats used to scavenge for fallen fruit and one year, with the sickel (sp?) pears on the ground, wound up with frequent swollen faces due to a wasp sting. However, they felt the pears were worth it!

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When Jackson was a young pup, he thought bees must be a new toy. He would chase and catch them. It took three stings to convince him otherwise. His mouth or lips would swell, but that was it, and it sure never slowed him down. When we got Skip, I thought, well, here we go again. But Jackson must have clued him in, cuz he never got stung.


Poor Ido. Most pathetic pic I've seen. Hope she is feeling better soon.

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Ouch, poor Ido! She looks exactly like Ouzo did when he got stung by a bee or wasp when I was away in Brazil. Here were the pics Chris took after he came from the vet and had given Ouzo some benadryl and the swelling was going down. He said that initially he looked just like a shar-pei and could barely breath.






He got stung at least once after that, if not twice, and each time we gave him a pink benadryl pill immediatly after the incident and nothing bad happened.


Hope Ido feels better, give her a big kiss on that puffy snout :rolleyes:

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Tempe looked like that but we have know clue what got her. She had hives all over her body. The vets decided it was probably a spider. Tempe ended up with 2 visits to the vets, benadryl shots both times, benadryl at home and after the second visit she also had to be on steriods. The allergen took a couple days to leave the body so she she kept having the hives flare up.


If the hives were all over the body, I would keep an eye on Ido for a couple days just in case.


Poor Ido

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