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Ram's horns


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Thanks for the heads up Julie!


Tea, we may be able to work something out. What type of rams did your horns come? Scotties and Dorsets are best but others will work with a little coaxing.


Also age of the ram when processed is a factor. Should be at least three years old or so for suffiicient horn to make a decent crook.





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Hey Dan


The Ram's are slaughtered between 3 and 4


Sometimes 2 years old.


The are Icelandic Crosses mostly.


Some shetland crosses.


Here is a photo

(Whoops I can't seem to send it? What is your e-mail? Mine is huiha@centurytel.net)

I have this guys horns, salted in the freezer there are many others.


Can you use ewe's horns as well?


These are from our non-profit ag program, pretty romantic as the sheep are browsed/grazed loose.


We have a pretty steady supply


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Cool Deal! My email at home is awayjig at gmail or furthermore1 at aol.


I am really intrigued. I had someone give me an Icelandic horn when I firsted started experimenting with making crooks. I subsequently ruined it and still have the sad evidence. If I had the chance again, I could have made a beauty knowing what I know now.


I have a Shetland Horn but have not begun to work it yet. I think it may work. these are both smaller breeds so you don't get the mass of a mature Scottish Blackface which is the prize find of a stickmaker.


Ewes horns are of no use for a Crook. (Too hollow). However I have begun experimenting with jewelry and buttons. So any is appreciated.


Contact me and we can figure something out.


Again, thanks so much,



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