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Raw Bone Clean Up

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This might be a really dumb question. How do you clean up after your dogs have chewed on their raw meaty bones for awhile?


I just started giving each of my dogs a raw marrow bone to chew on for about 10 - 15 minutes a day, supervised the whole time. I give it to them somewhat frozen, so it isn't very messy. We don't have a yard, so they chew on them inside. Everyone chews in their crates except for Willow. She goes and lays on her little rug. After 10 - 15 minutes I put them back in the freezer.


Should I be concerned about bacteria on the rug and in the crates? Do I need to be super vigilant about wiping out their crates with a bleach solution to kill any bacteria? I tried to keep them downstairs on the tile so I could just spray the area and mop up, but that didn't work. They all want to go to their spots. Right now I'm just wiping the crates out with an organic cleaner and I haven't really worried about the little rug. I wash it once a week or so.


What does everyone else do every time their dog eats/chews on something raw?



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I don't fuss. I feed raw bones (beef bones, more bone than meat but still having some meat and fat on them) in the crates, where they have bathroom rugs for their "padding". I just wash the rugs every few weeks. I don't run into issues with messes but, if you feed RMBs that are messier, your results may vary! If I tended to feed messier stuff in the crates, I expect I'd just take out the rugs beforehand.


When I consider what my dogs may pick up outside on the farm and in the woods that doesn't upset their systems, what happens in the house doesn't worry me - or offend them, in terms of digestion.


By the time the bones come out into the room, they are pretty well stripped and I don't worry about them. This could say more about my housekeeping than I'd like to say...

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I feed Spirit and my 2 cats on a large towel in the kitchen. After they're done eating I just fold it up and store it in another room (otherwise my psychotic cat will proceed to EAT large chunks of the towel, don't get me started). I wash it once a week in a chlorine-free bleach, and put it through an extra rinse cycle. Easy Peasy.



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