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Bonnie has been crate trained since the day I got her and took to it really well. I’ve never had a problem with her barking or whining ever. But I got into vet school (finally!!) which meant a move across country for us and a whole new environment for Bonnie. For those of you who know Australia I moved from Townsville, North Queensland to Wagga Wagga, New South Wales.


I had her flown down (it took three flights and 12 hours in transit) two days ago and I know it’s early days and I have to be patient but both nights so far she has barked non-stop. And I mean non-stop, last night I couldn’t sleep (because she was barking) so I got up and studied – for three hours – and that whole time it was pretty much constant barking. It’s not like she’s barking at anything I’m pretty sure it’s just for attention which is why I’ve tried ignoring it, but I need to stop it now before it becomes an even bigger problem.


I’ve never had any experience with barking dogs, and I just really need to know what to do. I have two housemates who are being so good about it all but I know she’s keeping them awake too and we all need to sleep. We don’t have any neighbours really close neither, but I’m guessing the nearest houses could still hear her and I feel terrible about that.


She sleeps outside (she has always been and always will be an outdoor dog – just personal preference), I keep her crated in the garage with the doors down which is very similar to the sleeping arrangements at home. She seems to have settle down during the day, and even at night, it’s just after I lock her up and go to bed that it starts…


So what do I do??!! Do I leave her to figure out that it’s getting her nowhere and make up her own mind to stop? Or do I start correcting her in some way? And I still don’t know why she’s doing it, she’s never been a barker or whiner for attention, why start now?


I’m sorry for the long post…



Oh, and it’s her 2nd birthday today! Happy Birthday Bonnie!!

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I would give her some more time to settle in. If she's never been a barker before she's probably just unsettled from the huge changes she's having to adjust to. If she's settled except for being crated in the garage, maybe there is something in the garage that is upsetting her. If you crated her in the garage during the day would she bark? I usually assume a change in behavior means something is wrong and give the dog the benefit of the doubt before I start correcting.

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Thanks, I figured I'd have to give her more time. I put her in her crate yesterday for a couple of hours while we had workmen over and she didn't bark once, so it's only at night. But then last night was the best night she's had so far - a little barking when I first put her away and then again this morning but that was my fault for sleeping in and she really needed to pee. I also think that the barking in the morning has to do with the neighbours rooster waking her up... she's probably never heard a rooster before.


On another note we went for a huge walk this morning around the place and she had a great time. She met some sheep for the first time (there aren't really any sheep up north) and I met a neighbour with border collies! She seems alot more settled today.


Thanks for your help.

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