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More than one dog?

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Cali is now 10 months old and I was saying to my husband that I would love to get another dog at the end of the year when Cali is a bit older. I have always wanted a German Shepherd, I have wanted one my whole life, and even though I love Cali my gorgeous adorable Border Collie to bits, I can't help that I still want a German Shepherd too, I really think it would be great for Cali to have a sister to play with every day as she has sooooooooooo much energy and wants to play constantly, I think it might burn off her energy more, because I have boarded dogs before and she always has the best time, and is always so happy when other dogs are around.


The thing is, I really want to make an informed decision, I have never owned more than one dog at a time, so I really don't know what the long term implications of having two dogs or more dogs are. For example, my mum said, if you want a baby in a few years (which we do) how will you push a pram/buggy and have two dogs on the lead? Which is a good point, I don't know how that would work, does anyone out there have more than 1 dog and a baby at the same time?


I would like to get the German Shepherd from a puppy as I think they will get along better that way, although I fully expect some fighting to happen once in a while, but if you guys could clue me in about having more than one dog that would be helpful, and do you think its a good idea, especially if I have a child in a few years?



Kat x

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Hi Kat,


This gets discussed quite often. Do a search under 'multiple dogs' and you should come up with a lot of good information. Personally, I have 4 dogs and no children and it takes time and commitment to deal with multiple dogs.

Good luck :rolleyes:

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