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  1. Thanks all, something to think about. We are going to meet her today, cali will meet her and if they don't get on then we def won't take her, altho cali gets on with everyone, usually! She is a small bitch, 11 months old, I know she will get bigger. We are on hols next week so we will be taking the time to make our decision about her. I didn't just double the amount, I actually asked some people who have adult gsd's how much food they eat. Cali only costs us £15 a month for her food, so £40 is a lot more, I have quotes for pet insurance too, thx though! You have given me a lot to thin
  2. Hi everyone, Just want some opinions from some outsiders who may potentially like dogs as we are only getting views from people who hate dogs at present, which isn't helpful. I have a border collie called Cali, she's a gem, but we are thinking about adopting another dog, a german shepherd. I grew up with german shepherds and totally love them so have always wanted my own, my husband has decided that he likes the idea now so we have been thinking about it. The problem is that we have told a couple of our friends and my parents and they are all reacting negatively, I have taken they're view
  3. Hi, Cali is now 10 months old and I was saying to my husband that I would love to get another dog at the end of the year when Cali is a bit older. I have always wanted a German Shepherd, I have wanted one my whole life, and even though I love Cali my gorgeous adorable Border Collie to bits, I can't help that I still want a German Shepherd too, I really think it would be great for Cali to have a sister to play with every day as she has sooooooooooo much energy and wants to play constantly, I think it might burn off her energy more, because I have boarded dogs before and she always has the best
  4. Thanks to everyone who left kind messages and hugs, and also advice. Because this has never happened to me before, I simply didn't know what to do, the shouting and crying and tugging just came out with fear, but now I have some advice, I think the coat thing and the pulling the hind legs are good ideas, so thanks for that. I wasn't trying to place blame either, I know I am at fault to, but the problem is, how do you teach a puppy to come in exciting situations if you don't take her into those exciting situations to train her? I had her off the lead because she was training, and she did re
  5. I thought I would come on here for some hugs and sympathy from people who love dogs and understand how attached we get to our little darlings. Cali is 8 months old, she is a sweetheart, so kind, loving and very friendly, she is becoming more trained every day and me and my husband love her so much. Well yesterday I went through a traumatic experience that shook me to my core, it was probably the scariest thing I have ever experienced! I was taking cali out for a walk, a nice long one, we were gone for about 2 hours, she was having a great time, we met some friendly dogs that she
  6. Hi guys, Cali is 5 1/2 months old now and the last 2 days she has been acting weird. She is more hyper-active than normal, wanting to play constantly, has started digging up the garden, peed on my leg today, running around like crazy, keeps biting our face, just doing things that she used to do when she was a lot younger. We have no idea what has caused this as she has been good for a while and nothing has changed in our lives that I can put my finger on. Any thoughts? Do you think she might be coming into season early, if so would that affect her behaviour? Thanks in advance Kat
  7. Hi guys, Cali is 5 1/2 months old now and the last 2 days she has been acting weird. She is more hyper-active than normal, wanting to play constantly, has started digging up the garden, peed on my leg today, running around like crazy, keeps biting our face, just doing things that she used to do when she was a lot younger. We have no idea what has caused this as she has been good for a while and nothing has changed in our lives that I can put my finger on. Any thoughts? Do you think she might be coming into season early, if so would that affect her behaviour? Thanks in advance Kat
  8. Cali is 5 months old and we have had her from 8 weeks old, she is normally a very loving dog, and we have trained her to not touch her own food until we say so, but as soon as there is other food around she just gets extremely aggressive. Thanks for your advice, Vets visit it is to get her checked out. Can I just ask you to clarify, why to we have to feed her from our hand? Not sure I understand why that would help, thanks. kat x
  9. I really don't know what to do, advice needed. Cali has been really funny the last few weeks with food and has gone for me a couple of times when I have taken food away from her, food she has found in my bedroom or something, that she shouldn't have, not her own food. So we recently increased her food as we thought we might have been underfeeding her and now we have been borarding another dog for a few days, they get on really well, have been playing really nicely all week and are really happy together, but a couple of times, the dalmation hasn't finished all her food and cali has shot over so
  10. Everyone, including my vet, a friends vet, our breeder and various dog owners we trust all have different opinions for different reasons, and we are having trouble coming to a decision and we have only 1 month to decide. Do we get Cali spayed at 6 months or do we let her have a season first? We had finally made a decision to spay her at 6 months, for many reasons, 1 of them being its hard to have a to keep an energetic border collie off the streets for 3 weeks while she is in season. However, our friend said she has 2 labradors, one who was spayed before first season and one after, and
  11. Thanks Cali is all better now! I'm glad, guess it was another 24 hour thing, guess I should be a bit less liberal with the rawhide and bones. Thanks everyone! Kat x
  12. Yes she has had access to water all day long. Thanks
  13. That's interesting you say that because her diarhea started again on the day of my uncle's funeral, which incidentally was the day she was left alone for 8 hours and we gave her rawhide to keep her busy/happy! She hasn't had a problem with rawhide before though so maybe she sensed by stress and sadness about my uncle, plus I was crying quite a bit over the last 2 weeks when she has had diarhea on and off, I wonder if that affected her? We feed her wet food, it is called Nature Diet and is really good all natural stuff, she absolutely loves it and never had a problem except when my husband
  14. On the happy side we have some nice new pics of Cali, taken last week! Enjoy!
  15. Hi everyone, We need advice as Cali (4.5 months) is having her third bout of Dihorrhea in 2 weeks and we don't know why she keeps getting it and also what is best to do when she has it. She is starting to look a bit underfed because everytime she gets it we have been stopping her food for between 12-18 hours, when we stop her food she seems to get over it but it seems cruel and she is looking a bit underfed, and if she keeps getting it she won't put any weight on. We think the first bout was caused by her having a bone for a few days, the second by my husband giving her adult rather th
  16. p.s she is so cute in your avatar, do you have any more pics for us?
  17. Can I ask what type of leash you have her on? I ask because the lead I bought first for our little one was too heavy for her and she resisted, once I saw a puppy acting really well on a really light and thin nylon lead I realised the error, I think a small and light lead might go down better, that way she shouldn't even notice that she has it on. Try putting it on her when she is just lying down, in her crate or playing. Should help. Cali didnt like her lead for the first few weeks but is better now, although she still bites it from time to time. Kat x
  18. Question 1: Our vet and puppy trainer both told us that we can only take Cali out for 40mins a day while she is this young (13 weeks) but what we failed to ask is how often and how much can we increase it, for example 5 mins per week, or another 20 mins in 6 months time? I have no idea and we don't want her little bones or feet to get hurt by taking her too far, but we really want to take her out with us places, but 40 mins is not long enough to do that yet. Any ideas anyone? Question 2: Cali isn't very loving, is that a puppy or BC thing? Will it improve in time? I am a very loving perso
  19. Hi everyone, Little Cali is now 10 weeks old, and we really want to play games and stimulate her so she doesn't get bored, but we don't know what to do that she can understand. The only things we know are to play fetch with a ball, and teach her to sit, stay and lay down. What other games can a 10 week old understand? We tried hiding things in a box, she is scared of the box! We tried putting treats in our hands and hiding them other places, but she can't sniff them out like older dogs can. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks Kat x
  20. Hi, Another little problem with Cali (bless her!) The other day, she did a poo in the lounge, so I went out to the kitchen to get the cleaning materials to clean it away and left Cali in the lounge. When I came back, most of the poo, had gone and she was finishing off the rest as I came through the door! She was eating it! I thought it was a weird and disguting one off, but we have noticed that she keeps trying to eat it, although we know to stop her now! Has anyone ever encountered this problem? Will it make her sick? Why does she do it? How can we make her stop? Yuck!
  21. Thank you all very much for your great advice. I think we are going to use the crate a bit more, now that we know it is not cruel to leave her in there from time to time. She is lovely and I know she doesn't know any better but to poop and pee and chew and bite, but she will learn in time. I hope that being able to take her out for walks will calm her a little, if she ever gets used to her lead! Thanks Kat x
  22. Hi everyone, I introduced myself and Cali last week, but this week myself and my husband are having a really hard time and would like some advice. We don't have children and this is our first dog/puppy so we have never had to be this selfless before, which I am sure is difficult for first time parents of children or puppies. We need some advice on lots of aspects: We need space from her, but because she is in her crate all night while we sleep (approx 7 hours) we feel it is cruel to put her in the crate during the day or evening, unless we have to go out, when we are in the hous
  23. Our friends all think that Cali's name and reason behind the name is cheesy, but then they are not dog people, what do you think? I came up with the full name of Cali Fornia Chambers. This is because on our honeymoon my husband and I came to America for 3 weeks and our most favourite place that we visited was Yosemite National Park which is in California, so I said why don't we name her after our most favourite place on the planet. Me and my husband love it, but we've decided not to tell everyone her full name and the reason why, thought I would share as you all might appreciate it bet
  24. Hi everyone, Just wondered if perhaps we are expecting to much, our little Cali is 8.5 weeks old, and is pooing and weeing all over the house, we are trying to train her to do her business outside, and at the moment she does it outside about 1/3 of the time, mostly we take her outside after a meal or when she has had a drink and she won't do anything, then we take her in and she wees on the carpet. Obviously it is a little frustrating and smelly! We are not telling her off when she does her business in the house because it is her first week with us and also because she has a weak bladder b
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