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Clicker trained sheep ;-)

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Did you see the 'chicken agility' in the related link.


We have 2 hens that we brought up from a few days old, they are free ranging and come when called. You just go out and call 'bock, bock, bock' and they will always be there within a minute, which considering we live on 5 acres and they go out into the woods surrounding our house, it is pretty impressive. When we are practicing agility and I throw a toy or treat they will go running after it. I was working with our new dog on channel weaves, and Bonita (one of the hens) liked to chase after him through the channels, but then she would stay in the weaves. The dogs know the chickens are off limits and he use to get so stressed when he was trying to do what I asked and there was a chicken in his path. They also like going into the tunnels, which is always quite a surprise for the poor dogs when I send them in and they run into a pair of hens. Although I don't think I'll bother trying to teach them anything. But I should try to get some of it on video and post it for others to see, pretty funny.

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