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Discovering your dog has new commands

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Chris and I both work with Ouzo - I am responsible for 85% of his training, as I spend a lot more time with him, but Chris is taking care of the rest. Lots of times without me knowing it, since he doesn't brag about it like I do :rolleyes:


Yesterday I was outside with Ouzo and I thought I'd try to teach him a spin command, as he was already spinning with excitement . But instead of "Spin", I told him "Turn" and make a circling sign with my finger. To my surprise, Ouzo lounges to my right at full speed, almost touching my leg, and runs around me. Stunned, I say "Turn" again. Ouzo increases his speed and does another very close circle from in front of me, to my right and behind me, looking all proud of himself.


Then it hits me: "Chris!". I vaguely remember him telling Ouzo "Roteste" (Turn in Romanian) as a command to go around him, but I wasn't sure if he got it or not. It appears Ouzo got it alright. I asked Chris once I got home, and he told me that he never used "Turn" for this command. But he has made the circling sign when saying "Roteste". So when I did that, Ouzo performed the trick. Funny thing, the second time and all the other 10 times I tried it that day, I didn't make the sign anymore.


It's like getting in your car and realizing that someone drove it a bit and added radio stations to your radio - they were there for a long time until you had the curiosity to push other buttons than you usually do.

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Two of my dachshunds did that too! Only when I tried to teach them "turn around" they automatically just did it while standing on their hind legs. Now the command is "dance" and people are so impressed! And who says dachshunds are stubborn...


I visited Aveda at the shelter for 4 days before adopting her to give her a chance for someone else to take her while I debated whether it was a good idea or not, and what got me hooked was how I asked her to "shake" and she just threw her paw at me and was so incredibly excited that I asked her to do that. It was love at first shake and I knew I had to have her. :rolleyes:

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