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Im new to the boards and to owning a BC. We got our BC (Ruby) 3weeks ago and she is about 12 weeks old. She is very energetic and seems to be very smart. I am having trouble potty training though. I have never owned a puppy as young as she is. The other dogs (a female boxer and a male pit bull) we have were already potty trained when we got them. Im not totally sure how to go about this. I do the whole taking her out when she squats on the floor and taking her out often. But she still doesn't really get it. Any ideas? I also am wondering if she is getting bad manners from our boxer. She is about 14 and is starting to pee in the house, I think because she is becoming senile. I could really use some advice! Thank you!

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The older dog peeing in the house sure can't be helping. A really good enzymatic cleaner is useful with that.


If you do a search for potty training or housebreaking, you should find a large number of threads with good info on these boards. There have been a couple just in the past few weeks though I don't remember their titles or what section they were in. Housebreaking is a process that can take time. Lots of management -- watching carefully wheenver loose and containing in a crate or small area when you can not truly supervise. Lots of going out -- every hour even. Lots of praise for going in the right area. A regular schedule of feeding, play, sleep, etc. All that helps. But do check for other threads. There are many very good, very helpful ideas on these boards.


Ok, went to look and here is one of the threads I was thinking of:



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Two simple things to fix this: 1. Crate and 2. Schedule


1. Crate: I don't know if you are already using a crate at night, and if you are, that is great! You're already almost there. Crates can be used for a lot of wonderful things, not just "punishment" or "time-out". They can offer a place of comfort for a pup/dog and a place where they can go to chill out when things are too hectic for them. I always suggest using a crate with a pup, it will literally save your sanity in some situations. You have company over and you don't want her bothering their allergies? Crate. Opening gifts on Christmas and she's a little too excited to wait? Crate. People coming in/out to renovate the kitchen? Crate. Use it to your advantage! It will help you in house-breaking because dogs do NOT want to relieve themselves in their den.


2. Schedule: As soon as she wakes up, RUN, don't walk to take her outside. Preferably, don't even let her touch the floor. When she does her business, give her the best treat you can find, the extra special ones. You need to make going outside to pee is a helluva lot better then inside, even though she doesn't think so. A few minutes after she has finished eating, take her outside. Treat and praise again when she's done what she needs to do. For all the hours in between, you need to keep your complete and UNDIVIDED attention on her, if she's starting to sniff around a lot, and showing signs of needing to go out, you RUN out with her ASAP. Treat and praise when she does it! If you aren't able to have complete attention on her, for example, you need to wash the dishes after dinner. Stick her in the crate. Take her out regularly throughout the day. My rule, though, is that if my pup doesn't go within 5 minutes. I bring them back inside and watch them carefully or crate them and take them out 10-20 minutes later until they go. I don't want them to confuse potty time for play time. They are out there for one reason only, unless I initiate playtime. I let them out again before bed and make sure they go, and then they don't get any more water until sleep. If they wake up in the night, they are RUSHED outside, and are allowed 5 minutes to relieve themselves, if they don't go, they are put back in their crate to sleep. Some pups whine at night because they know you'll take them out, so don't take her out to play, you want her to learn that nighttime means sleep time, and the only time she can come out is when she ACTUALLY needs to pee.


If your older dog is peeing in the house, you will need to get a good cleaner like Nature's Miracle to get out the smell or else that will confuse your little puppy a lot. Border Collies are smart dogs and I find they pick up on house-breaking quickly if you do it right. Remember, they only have accidents because YOU let them. Oh, and don't get angry about an accident in the house, sometimes they learn to hide it instead.


Hope this helps, good luck!

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I took us about 3 weeks to get it. I remember feeling panicked because i thought that border collies would get it faster than other dogs because of their intelligence and all of the books i was reading said it could be done it about 2 weeks. I had a crate and i felt like i watched him like a hawk but Orbit still had an accident in each room in the house ( if i remember correctly, only ever in each room) and then one day i think it just clicked for him and that was it. He never had another accident. Hang in there and if you do not have a crate, get one. It will be your lifesaver and if you are not inclined to use it forever you don't have to. Orbit is nine months old now and totally reliable in the house while my husband and i work. Good luck.

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