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Providence is telling me...

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...it's not yet time for another dog.


Since I've adopted Lewie in September of 2007, I've seriously considered adopting three other dogs.


The first I was turned down because I don't have a fence and her foster mom said she really liked being outside. That was a fair assessement. It's all about what's best for the dogs.


The second, this sweet gal, I applied for in November and waited a month without so much as a peep back from the rescue group, so after contacting them was told she'd been adopted by her fosters. She's still llisted on petfinders though. :D



And this guy, at a local no-kill rescue I visited Saturday specifically to see, was adopted and walked out the door literally minutes before I arrived. Good on you, Kasey!



Guess it's just supposed to be me, Lewie and the cat for awhile longer.


I'm just saying. :rolleyes:

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Don't give up hope. Perhaps one option would be to let your vet know that you are open to an adoption. (That is how we came to adopt Missy.) If you have a close relationship with your vet, he/she will know the type of home you can provide, and will let you know when the right circumstances arise. In addition, this avenue often short-cuts the traditional paperwork and approval cycles. The key is to be patient.

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