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My beagles are starting to get used to Lilly - finally after what - 3 months. They are forming a pack that like to go barking at lions and bears and such in the woods through the fence. Its a relief.


Edith has been in a steady subtle decline for a while which has been hard to see, we finally the vet diagnosed her with hypothyroidism and after 2 weeks of pills what a difference in life! She's lost around 5 pounds, is up and active and such a happy girl again. The only problem is for the last week, instead of sleeping till 10 - like I've been accustomed from her, she is now waking up the house at 4:00 because that's the best time to hunt rabbits as everyone should know. Sigh, it almost makes me want to go back to the old days but not quite :rolleyes:


--Denise and hopefully the soon to be less then 50 pound beagle :eek:

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