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How to train my BC to pick up her toys....

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Hello everyone. Since my back surgery it is diffecult to bend over and pick up items. I am wanting to teach Dixie how to help me ...like to put her toys in a basket...and I dont know where to start. Any advice will be greatly appreciated and listened to;).


A picture of Dixie's favorite spot...right by her Daddy.....


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We've had some success with telling Scooter to get his toy, then walking him over to his toy basket, pointing and saying, "Drop it." When he does, we make a really big deal about it or sometimes give him a small treat. We've also used a variation on this--he gets his toy, walks it over to the basket, we drop the treat into the basket, and he has to drop the toy to get to the treat. More praise and a "Good drop it!" I think he's starting to get the idea. Not sure if that's what you want to do though, since it does require you to get up and walk over to the basket with him and I don't know the severity of your back pain or your mobility. Sorry about your back surgery. Hope it did what it was supposed to do. No fun! :rolleyes: Healing thoughts being sent your way. :D

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Hello Bc4ever, thank you for the info...maybe my daughter can help with the bending;) Unfortunitly its too early to tell if the surgery did good or not..:rolleyes: But I stay positive;)


I dont know where Grand Lake is but I live just south of Colorado Springs;) Yes it is beautiful..we love it here;)


And it was very nice to meet you:)



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