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Weird Hip Problem

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I just picked up a rescue puppy, 12 wk female, with a deformed rear end. You can see how bad the deformity without even her moving - her leg is atrophied and the pelvic/femoral structure on that side seems, well, minimal. I don't know how else to describe it.


I hate it when I get this sort of thing and the vet is closed. I've been, of course, scouring the internet and can't find mention of CHD so bad that there's like, no upper leg?


Could this be something else, like another kind of birth defect, an injury, something? I know it's impossible to diagnose over the internet but I'm just wondering about other possibilities.


Eve is a purebred from one of our favorite breeders in TN. Thankfully, she's got a wonderful personality and even works my ducks. And oh, she's a lovely candy color - sable merle. Too bad her idiot breeder didn't think a dog actually being able to walk was as important as pretty colors. :rolleyes: She was dumped in a shelter with littermates and several other litters also in suspicious pretty colors or white factored.



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I should have realized that "our best friend in TN" was still in business, no matter what. They love to produce for the "market" and dump what doesn't seem to make a profit, don't they?


Eve is surely very cute and seems to have a thoughtful outlook on life. Of course, if she is now living with bed privileges, she must realize that life is definitely looking up.


We have a neighbor with a horse with a fairly minor defect - as a foal, he was stepped on while sleeping flat out, and the eye socket on that one side of his face never developed well. His eye is fine but the bone structure is limited. I wonder if she could have had such an injury and the bones have not grown at the normal rate, and therefore the entire limb including muscles is atrophied?


I know you will do a great job getting her settled, taken care of, and homed. I hope all the rest of those poor pups find such a compassionate future.

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Do you have any clear pictures of the deformity, or better yet, video?


If you remember I have a dog who was crushed by his dam when he was 3 weeks old. He has a spinal cord injury and short, deformed back leg as a result (crushed femur, so now the leg is short, curved and the stifle is very bulky and shaped abnormally). It is possible this pup was injured when she was very young, but it is also possible she has a birth defect. I am guessing from what you are describing that a birth defect is more likely since it sounds like multiple bones are involved. If she is getting around fine there is no reason she can't lead a happy life. She may need that leg amputated if it gets in the way, tends to be dragged or injured easily.


Shame on that puppy mill. It kills me that she is still in business.

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Hey Rebecca,


Poor little girl. I don't have much to add to the thread about her leg except that I wish her all the best and I'm sure she will find a good home.


I did want to ask if the rest of the pups that were surrendered have been taken care of?



Olivia in TN

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It looks like both the puppies that came here have a home already. I talked to them this morning - I made sure we talked about the "worst case scenario" (since I haven't been able to get to a vet yet) before they even saw or met the puppies.


It's good for Eve but I feel kind of sad for other dogs in the same plight. Eve is SO adorable and personable that even knowing what was in store for her and them, in taking her, they were eager to take the plunge right away. And they've got great hearts for animals, too - that helps. But there's a tiny little cynical side that says, if Eve had been old, or homely - well, you know. It just makes me grrrr- mad at breeders.


Olivia, I only got these two and a 15 pound treeing feist that was represented as a Border Collie or mix. We'll get it all sorted out, no problem. There were oodles more puppies but they got adopted - including the one I was interested in for myself that was the main reason for putting all this together (LOL).

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It looks like both the puppies that came here have a home already.

Thanks so much for helping these two pups find their way into the right hands, Becca. :D


But there's a tiny little cynical side that says, if Eve had been old, or homely - well, you know. It just makes me grrrr- mad at breeders.

I completely understand what you're saying here. Should you come across anyone with a particular interest in the old and homely, let me know, and I'll make sure they meet Odysseus. After all, he's also a product of one of our favorite TN breeders. :rolleyes: (He's about 10 years old, and those are lip and nose injuries and only half an ear remaining.)




But, to get off my rant, I am very happy for Eve and wish her many years of love and care with her new family.

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