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Going on to trips in July one to maui which I should be excited about, and another to probally Florida.Well i am already getting sick to my stomach thinking about leaving our new puppy.She is 5 months old now will be a year old in July.But wow!!!! I am already starting to feel that ache in the pit of my stomach leaving her.Have 2 other dogs that have been left at our vet office for the last 5 years and they always go in like going to camp.I think Borders are more a sensitive dog where the change can effect them. I do have a option of paying my daughters boyfriend to stay at our house is there.But hes only 24 and young so worry about how my house will be and left standing at all...LOL .one thing nice about our vet office they have alot of nice young people who take them out in a fenced grass yard 4-5 times a day and play with them. I dont worry about my other two just my new baby.And she also is the dog Uncle Matty said should be given away....She is doing great now at home with my dogs...still a few issues when walking on leash.So worry how she would interact with dogs barking in a kennel she does not know? when left her to be spayed the girls at the office said she did good.Does anyone know of a good trainer in California

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