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  1. [ I love this site!!! Everyone on here is so nice and there is so much information Just want to thank everyone for their nice replys about my vacation.I feel alot more comfortable knowing other people do leave their dogs. lol We are leaving tommorow at 7:00 am and one good thing is my Patches will be at home for the time were gone not a kennel. we have two dogs our other dog has stayed at a kennel before and was always fine.Only have had the Border collie for 11 months have never left her so i feel like i am leaving my baby. My two daughters are going with us,thought we pay for their tickets take them along. So my daughters boyfriend is staying at our house.They have been together 4 1/2 years so trust him to be responsible. I have invested alot of time in my Border collie named Patches, she had had problems from food agression to dog aggression etc... But with training she has done a 100% turn around and is the sweetest dog so I do tend to baby her
  2. Just checking to see if anyone else has had problems leaving their Border Collies for the very first time. Going away 5 nights, 6 days in Maui on a company trip with my husband. But I cant even get excited because I am worried about my dog. Has anyone felt like this leaving their dog for the first time. I feel like I am going crazy?
  3. KNOWING how summer is approching was curious what people do with their babies when they leave? THOUGHT IT WOULD BE FUN TO DO A POLL --------------------------------------------------------- All start we are leaving ours at home for 7 days always have boarded before.Patches my border collie is on prozac and yes she is doing great!!!! Knowing she is on medication feel better at home with our other dogs. My daughters boyfriend will be staying at the house and the dogs know him.My daughter and him have been together 4 years so should be ok So what are our other Border Collie famlies doing?
  4. My dog has been on the Prozac now for about four days and I cant believe the improvement in her. She is happy and relaxed and seems alot more happy and less stressed. I have not been able to feed my dogs together since I got her as a puppy now they all able to eat together and she even lays down to eat her food!!!! She plays alot more with my other dogs playing ball and tug of war etc. She always did heavy breathing all night when she slept at night that has stopped to. So that must have been because of anxiety? Everyone in our house is commenting how good she is!!!
  5. Amelia, Thank you for your reply,I have taken my Border Collie to the vet and had a complete blood panel run to rule out anything. I thought she might have a low tyroid and her test came back fine. I hope i didnt start something on this site, it is very useful to me. I have had these issues for so long and I can see the anxiety building in my dog . So when the vet told me this is a good option for her I thought I would see if anyone else has gone this route. I do love my dog but I dont want to live on pins and needles either when she will attack one of my other dogs or someone else. Again she can be the sweetest dog,then someting clicks and personality changes
  6. I have a border collie that has had anxiety and aggression issues since four months old. I have taken her to local obeidence classes that didnt work issues with dogs in class.Now i am seeing a behaivoral specialist comes to my house and she has been working with her.I have issues with her being dog aggressive, now she has decided to be aggressive with kids.She also had food aggression I have fixed that pretty much so its better. Its is like she has a split personality on her,she can be sittong in the living room then she will start staring at my dogs then turn on them I try to break it up she growls at me.Then five minutes later shes fine and friends again with my dogs. Now she does not like me to hug or hold her? Small growls and grumbling when hold her Went and did blood test and urine test everything was fine. He thinks prozac might help with anxiety and aggression. Has anyone used anixety pills for their dogs
  7. Well I think my Border collie will have to go on prozac. Does anyone else use this to help relieve anxiety or aggression. I have gone through a behaivor specialist and now have gone to the vet to see if I had a medical isue. Everything on my dogs blood test, urine test were fine and the vet said I might want to consider a small dose of prozac to help with anxiety and her aggression. Curious if anyone has given there Border Collie prozac or any other anxiety pill I have had issues with my dog since she was four months, and it just seems to keep going and now she growls and comlains when I even hug her? If this is something that helps her anxiety and aggression I thinking of getting the prescription filled.I love the dog and have invested alot of time in her. It like she has to personalitys in her.She will be fine then it just clicks and will turn on my dogs etc for no reason. Then shes back to being fine with them like nothing ever happened
  8. My Border Collie has always been aggressive both with other dogs and food aggression. I her seeing a behavioral specialist once a week which seems to be helping. The last couple days she is directing her growling at us when hugged even petted on her side? I am taking a urine sample today which was fun collecting at 6:00 in the morning.Checking for crystals etc....Also will be doing a blood test check her thyroid to see if its low.Have been reading on the net and says a dog that acts aggressive should have it checked.I love my dog but her aggression is so off and on...different things set her off
  9. My Border Collie is 6 months old and was thinking she had a uti because she was panting and drinking alot of water. She had gone outside and ended up throwing up alot of roundworms. Yuch!!!! I dont understand how she has them at this age? She was dewormed as a puppy and lives in a area where there she is not around alot of other dogs. The vet put her on stongid on Monday and she is still panting and drinking alot of water. And yes when she goes to the bathroom the worms are still coming out alive. Does it usually take this long for the deworming to take effect? She is not herself and feel sorry for her
  10. I cant believe how many Border Collies I saw on commercials today! Was probally like 6 different ads out there that had a Border Collie in it. Then on top of that you have that movie Hotel For Dogs that has alot of Border Collies.Makes people think oh what a ideal house pet and so smart.
  11. I know how you feel about leaving your dogs. It makes it hard to go on vacations when we love our dogs like that.At least you have friends you can trust to look out for him.That is alot better situation then a kennel. It will bother you more than him,he will probally enjoy all the extra attention he will get going between the two places hes staying.Going away myself in July and already feeling guilty but you have to get out once in awhile.
  12. I want to take my Border to go have a instinct test to see if she would do good in sheep herding trials. But i am afraid it might make her want to nip at my dogs legs? Just looking for a little advice I thought this might be a good activity for her
  13. Going on to trips in July one to maui which I should be excited about, and another to probally Florida.Well i am already getting sick to my stomach thinking about leaving our new puppy.She is 5 months old now will be a year old in July.But wow!!!! I am already starting to feel that ache in the pit of my stomach leaving her.Have 2 other dogs that have been left at our vet office for the last 5 years and they always go in like going to camp.I think Borders are more a sensitive dog where the change can effect them. I do have a option of paying my daughters boyfriend to stay at our house is there.But hes only 24 and young so worry about how my house will be and left standing at all...LOL .one thing nice about our vet office they have alot of nice young people who take them out in a fenced grass yard 4-5 times a day and play with them. I dont worry about my other two just my new baby.And she also is the dog Uncle Matty said should be given away....She is doing great now at home with my dogs...still a few issues when walking on leash.So worry how she would interact with dogs barking in a kennel she does not know? when left her to be spayed the girls at the office said she did good.Does anyone know of a good trainer in California
  14. Hi Nancy Our other two dogs a lhasa and greyhound mix have been going to this kennel at our vet office for about 5 years. I get the same response from my dogs when we arrive all excited like they are going to camp.This is my first Border collie and I know they are more intelligent and aware to whats going on around them. I am so afraid it might be tramatic for her to be there for a week ? One thing that is nice they are taken out on a nicely mowed lawn 3-4 times
  15. Wish I could take our dogs with us on our vacations both are on a airplane one to Hawaii one to Florida.It is always hard to leave a dog you never left before..lol like leaving a baby
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