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We started flyball about with our mutt about 3 1/2 years ago. We were impressed with the Border Collies but couldn't imagine living with one. After about a year of flyball, we decided we could imagine it and got one (Pippin). Being with Pippin as she has grown up has been wonderful, exciting and a great deal of fun.


When she was a little over a year old, we saw a rescue on the Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue site who kept whispering our name. We adopted her (Tansy). She needed somethign to do and the foster home had tested her on sheep, so we continued with that. We were hooked and decided we needed to start a puppy with herding, so 7 mos after adopting Tansy, we added a little red tri (Hamish).


But then, as things go, our herding instructor convinced us that if we were serious about herding, we'd do better with a dog bred specifically for that and she knew about a 5 mos. old pup with excellent credentials. No pressure, but we should think about it. We hemmed and hawed and then we met him and he was ours (Rafe).


So, in 2 1/2 years, we've gone from 0 BCs to 4 (plus the original mutt) and we've fostered 10 of them (1 at a time) in the last 14 mos as well--we have space and time for them all--train them all in a variety of things, etc.


I have no doubt that land and sheep are in the future--but my question: Is this a common reaction to getting a Border Collie or are we particularly hard hit with BC love?

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