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Spaying my female


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I am getting ready to spay my 4 yr old female BC. I was wondering if anyone had heard about BC's haveing a problem with the sleeping gas? We almost lost 2 of our retrievers because the breed is sensitive to the sleeping gas that vets use. Just trying to be cautious before my baby goes under.

Thanks to all for replying.


Emily & Shelby (blue merle bc)

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Here are just a few suggestions. I would ask what type of monitering system the vet office has for surgeries as well as the specific preanesthetic injection and inhalent anesthetic they use. Many offices will offer a pre anesthetic screen that will require blood work. This blook work checks the kidneys and liver - which is how the body gets rid of the drugs - to make sure they are functioning properly. Also some clinics routinely insert an IV for fluids during surgery which is always good and also gives them a direct line if the need it.


Most of the current inhalent anesthetics are very safe but all vet clinics are not equal so ask lots of questions.


Hope that helps


Denice, Registered Vet tech

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Thanks Denice,


We did the same blood panel on the CBR's and the vet almost killed the same dog twice. It wasn't until we asked a couple other CBR owners about it and that's when they said something about the CBR's being allergic to a certain kind of anestesia (sp). I'm hoping my girl won't have that problem. She is on the small side and I would hate for them to have to beat on her to get her to come abound like they did the CBR. anyway, thsnks for the info.



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