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  1. I'm not trying to stir anything up. I think I'll try getting a few books and series videos and start Shelby on ducks. We are going to a CPE show in Dexter, MI the first Saturday in February. I am having a friend of mine run her in an agility trial there to see how she does. She will be running a Level 1 run which doesn't include the weaves or teeter so we will see. Any suggestions on starting with ducks?
  2. Thanks for the link. I've gone to Jeanne Weaver for her instinct training an while back but she is too far for me to drive 2 or 3 times a week. I was hoping someone would have access to an indoor riding arena to show me how to correctly train directions and so forth. Thanks for all the input though.
  3. Thanks for the input. Unfortunately there are no trainers near me so I would be driving for hours to find someone to train with. The trainer I took her to before doesn't train in the winter months so I am kinda stuck. We were trying agility during these winter months but she won't do the dog walk, and HATES the teeter so that's kind out. Thanks for the replies in the meantime. Emily
  4. I live in SW Michigan. Does anyone know of a trainer/handler with an indoor training facility? Looking to work my BC the winter but can't find an indoor facility. I am duckless/sheepless as well but that can be sloved temporarily if needed. Emily & Shelby
  5. I agree with Jedismom, it looks like a dog tick too me. I live in SW Michigan and we have fleas and ticks all the time. I have recently come across - at Traget - a topical flea medication that is made by the same manufacturer as the Adam's flea and tick spray. And the spray works really well as an assistant to any preventative. My BC Shelby will be put on preventative - Frontline or Revolution - this year because I petsit for too many people that DON'T give flea and tick preventative. The house I got her from is loaded with fleas and they can't figure out why; dumb people. Hope some of this helps. Emily & Shelby
  6. WOW! That baby is pretty. I didn't think lambs came that color but I guess if you mix the breeds they could come out any color. One of my pet sitting clients has a goat dairy and she has had some awsome looking calico baby goats out of does that are either all brown or only have brown with a black dorsel stripe. It's amazing the colors you can get in animals. Emily & Shelby
  7. Just to clear things up, no I don't work Shelby on the horses, but she is always out doing chores with me. I've used the idea of her wanting to herd the horses to teach her "back" and "that'll do", and she has done very well with both of those commands. I learned several years before having Shelby that my horses were not "herdable" horses. I used to work with a girl who would let her dog round up her own personal horses, but that only worked because the horses were afraid of the dog all together. Thanks for the input on the ducks. When it gets warmer I think I will try to get a small flock and see what she does. She is very curious about the canadain geese that land in the cornfield next to us. She thinks basic obedience is boring but listens very well when it comes to herding, go figure.
  8. She does well with her stops and flanks, but I thought that it might help her to drive. The horses are more apt to come at her than run from her, so I was thinking that ducks would be easier to get for the small space that I have. Plus, I wanted to be able to practice with her in a smaller space so that I could learn how to handle her better. She is deffinitally not an "eat 'em quick" kinda dog. She has more problems going forward than anything.
  9. Has anyone had any luck training there dogs on ducks. I can't get sheep right now because I have two very territorial horses and a lake int he middle of their pasture due to all the rain and smelting snow. But I have some dry land up near the house to have a small flock of ducks. Do any of you work with ducks or geese with your dogs? If so, does it teach the dogs to be a little steadier because the ducks/geese move faster, or am I not thinking about this right? Thanks, Emily & Shelby
  10. I use an all-cotton fitted collar as a correction collar. It is fitted so that it controls the dog at the highest point on the neck, right behind the ears and right under the jaw. This gives the dog less room to pull and leaves little space for "major" corrections. I've used this type of collar on anything from a rottweiler to my own bc. All the dogs i've trained, which is less than 15 total, have done very well on this collar. Let me know if you or anyone else would like some links to where these collars can be purchased. Hope this helps
  11. Thanks for the responses! She seems to pass her stool better as I give her veg. oil 2-3 times a week. She doesn't lick the create bottom or anything like that but she does itch alot. Any suggestions on shampoo for her? P.S. Pictures to come soon, if I can catch her sitting still long enough.
  12. Kibbles has the right idea, I think socializing has a good part to do with how these dogs act towards other dogs. I'm having a bit of a problem with my new BC and the rest of my dogs getting along. She is fine as long as they don't approach her. But she was never socialized when she was a pup.
  13. I have a blue merle border collie. She is about 4 years old and is a very sweet dog. She seems to have some dry skin issues that we are addressing, but my biggest concern is the hair she seems to be ingesting when she itches. The other day she passed an unusual amount of hair in her stool. Has this ever happened to anyone else? She doesn't have a lot of hair. She is not a show dog by any means, and she gets oil in her food regularly. Any ideas???
  14. I'm just getting started and find the videos very helpful with voice commands. Has anyone ever seen the Elvin Kopp videos? I borrowed one but am looking for other videos to watch, either from him or from some other good trainers so that I can compare. Emily & Shelby(BC)
  15. Another thought on this topic - Our Airdale Terrier had the same problem. Long story short, she had water around her heart and died. I've never heard of it in BC's, but I've only been a BC owner for 4 months now. Our Daschund has the same problem, but he has rotting teeth do to previous diet and age. Just a thought.
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