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Hi Everone,


I have company coming over Thanksgiving and my sister-in-law will be bringing her border collie with her. Cadi (my spaniel/retriever mix) may have a problem with this. We've been to my sister-in-law's before and she has met and played beautifully with Zayla, but that was not at her house. We tried once to have the very meek and mild Lab from across the street come over and play, but it did not work out well. She did not hurt the dog, but made sure she intimidated her enough so that she would not venture out into the yard to play. Perhaps I did not handle introductions in the right way. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this so that we can have a good holiday? Thanks.



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Hold the initial meet n' greet on neutral territory, away from your home. If you can, take the dogs for a walk on leash together. When their focus is not on one another, but on the walk, it can help diffuse any issues before they develop. Watch Cadi closely and don't allow her to stare at the guests. Interrupt any thought she may have of intimidating by breaking her attention on them. Do you have a baby gate or method of creating separate quarters for when you can't watch them closely?

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If it's going to be a relatively short visit (afternoon, etc), I would tend to just crate or manage the dogs in separate rooms. Holidays are stressful enough without introducing the drama of introducing the dogs if Cadi can be obnoxious towards dogs in the house.


If that's not possible, I like to introduce dogs outside on-leash. Have Cadi and Zayla both on-leash when you introduce them. As soon as they see each other, take them for a walk so they are walking next to each other but not just standing there sniffing and working themselves up. As they get more comfortable, let them sniff and then gradually interact. Try to make sure you are holding the leash loosely and not transmitting anxiety down the leash to Cadi. If they start to get over-aroused, just make them walk further away from each other. I would still recommend separating them in the house, at least until Cadi proves that she is willing to be a "happy hostess". And be particularly vigilant managing the girls around anything that triggers Cadi - going in and out doors, greeting people, toys and, of course, food are all biggies.


Good luck!


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Thanks for the suggestions. :rolleyes: I do have a couple of rooms to use to separate if I need to and a crate. I'll put the toys and bedding up and I think they'll get dinner after everyone leaves. I really hope it works. Not only for the holiday, but also because I'd like to do some fostering in the future.

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