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Judging the shed

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I've run under you many times and have always found a way to lose 3 - 5 points on the shed. Can you explain what you would like to see in the perfect shed? I am sure that I am missing something in my dog/handling work.


Best regards,




A 10 point shed is this:

sheep all facing the same direction in the ring;

dog and handler BOTH working to set it up;

front sheep move off leaving sheep in the rear;

dog comes in with purpose and takes charge of the proper sheep;

If possible, the last sheep must not have turned prior to the dog starting in;

Once called in, the dog needs not to have glanced at the other sheep, only the one(s) he's called in on;

As the hole starts to open, the handler must stand still or step back and not forward at all.

Handler cannot make the hole by jumping in.


Be careful, points can be lost as you go into the ring and as you are working to set up the shed.


See you on the field!




PS - I feel strongly that it should always be the last sheep as it helps handler, judge and dog work and/or judge a proper shed.

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Hi Virgil! Can you expand on the response? Like how many points off for certain things??? For example.... what do you take off for the sheep folding around the handler with easy sheep vs particularly difficult knee knockers that we can see? Thanks.



Well, it would depend on the type of sheep like you said, so if the handler is working hard not to let them fold, I might not take a point, but if the handler is allowing it to happen, I might take a point.

Sheep out of the ring - 1-3 points depending on severity, missed call in 3 points, dog crossing between sheep and handler 1 point, handler making the hole 1-5 points, dog turning on wrong sheep 1-5 points, dog coming in tentatively 1-3 points, handler leaving post before sheep are in the ring 1 point.

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