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We may have found a BC for our little farm! As soon as her owner and I can coordinate schedules to see if this little lady and I can work sheep together, the DH and I will hopefully have a new farm hand. She is six years old and appears to be a solid and calm working dog, perfect for the general farm chores we need her to do. Hopefully I'll be posting good news and pictures soon!


~ Tru


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Are you getting a trained dog? Will this be your first BC? If so, I hope you can find someone on your area to help show you the ropes or the simple commands to help you on your farm. Good luck!


This will be my first purebred working BC. I did have a BC terrier cross I rescued way back in my 20s :rolleyes: We have lots of good folks in Virginia and I'm 1/3 of the way through Vergil Holland's Herding Dogs Progressive Training book. The dog is trained and I believe she was even trialed at N/N; however, she is "sticky" (is that the correct term when the dog gets mesmerized by the sheep and slow to respond to commands?) That's not a real problem here since we have small acreage, small pastures and most of the work will be close at hand so I should be able to snap her out of it pretty easily. I've seen brief video of her working sheep and she keeps good distance, the sheep remain calm and she does the type of work I need here on the farm. Things may be different under my inexperienced handling and I certainly expect to make mistakes, but all in all it should be a good situation. Will find out more when we actually get together...hence the fingers crossed!


~ Tru

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