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Over the weekend I read a great little book called "Pawprints in History" by Stanley Coren.


Saint Partrick of Ireland was abducted and sold as a slave while he was a teenager. He was put to work as a shepherd. He spent 6 years in solitude with a "greate black and white, longhaired sheepdogge" his only companion. He used the time to develop his religious convictions. We all know what great listeners our Bcs are.

Florence Nightingale broke into a shepherds home to treat his Bc Cap who was lame. She had learned that he was planning to hang the dog because he couldn't afford not to have a working sheepdog and he couldn't keep a dog who wasn't working.

She poulticed the dogs leg and Cap fully recovered. She had a religious vision that told her her fate was to become a nurse. She attributed the vision to the gratefullness of the dog. She was 17 at the time.

Most of the stories concern sporting dogs and dogs of war but I'm a bit of a history buff so I lapped it up.

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