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I am doing a multigenre research project for school. Part of this project is interviews (mine is on BCs) of Bc owners so I thought I'd ask you guys. If you could please respond to these via email and include your first and last name. rnmouse@gmail.com



1)What drew you to the BC breed?

2)What is the craziest thing your dog(s) do/does?

3)How did your dog learn this behavior?

4)What advice do you have for prospective BC owners?

5)Who is your dog out of?

6)Why did you choose these lines?

7)Where do you stand on the working/showing? Why?

8)How often do you work your dog(s) why so little/so much?

9)What drew you to herding, why?

10)What is your opinion of working/spot collies?



I am also doing an obituary on a border collie that died. It has to be on a real dog... if you owned a deceased BC I would appreciate it if you would fill this out (also send it to me via email include first/last name for source cards)


Name of dog:


Age when died:

Date Of Birth:

Date Of Death:

Cause Of Death:

Location Of Death:

Interesting Habits:

Brief Summary Of Personality:

Anything Else?:



I also need to do a biography on a BC owner please send this to me via email (rnmouse@gmail.com) and include first/last name.


Name (first/last):


Date Of Birth:

City/State Born In:

First BC's Name:

Best Memory With First BC:

How Many BCs Now:

Names Of Those BCs:

Where You Live Now:

Other (anything else?):

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