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David Henry Clinic Semora NC Nov 15-16

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We still have some working spots available in our clinic with David Henry next month.


We at Irena Farm are excited for the opportunity to bring David Henry to North Carolina for the weekend of November 15-16. David's talented handling took him quickly to the top to claim a place among the country's top handlers. His clinic and training offerings are highly in demand but we are LIMITING the number of dogs in this clinic, to give everyone plenty of time to work and make this clinic a relaxed and educational one. This clinic will be for handlers and dogs at all levels.


The cost is $175 for the first dog and $160 for the second. Auditors are welcome at $25 per day.


Irena Farm is located in Semora, NC - about one hour northeast of Greensboro, the same northwest of the Triangle, about ninety minutes southwest of Richmond, VA, and about 25 minutes southeast (mostly east) of Danville, VA. Lodging is located in Roxboro, NC and Danville, VA (Innkeepers in both places and the Stratford Inn highly recommended in Danville). Plenty of camping space, limited water/ electric but nice and quiet and lit.


We have sensible wool sheep and offer a round pen, several good training paddocks (about 2 to 3 acres each), and a field that offers several smallish Open setouts.


For more information, complete details, and registration: http://sheepdogtrials.info


Let me know if this link doesn't work! :rolleyes:

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I hope we manage to come up - just to "audit". You remember Fergie and sheep.


What a lovely web site you created. It's one of the best I've visited - and not just of the dog-related ones. Man, I wish I'd gotten to work with you when I was a tech editor. If you ever need a professional reference,, let me know.

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