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Riley had a yay moment.

Guest SweetJordan

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Guest SweetJordan

Some of you may remember me posting a while back about my adopted BC Riley and asking for advice. Well since then she has come a long way. For example, instead of running and hiding when someone comes to the door she wants to see who's there so she can greet them right away instead of waiting. I'm pretty sure she thinks people come over to play with her now. If something scares her she doesn't immediately run away sometimes just a "it's okay" puts her back into happy mode etc. But her most difficult behavior if any of you remember is her fear of strange dogs. She was worked w/ a lot on this only to have a huge dog(next to her anyway) run out and bite her while she was biking. She got bit bad enough that she was bleeding. She didn't try to fight back she just dropped to the grouond and screamed. I was pretty pissed because after all her progress she was much worse after that. Literally just screaming if she saw a strange dog so we were back to square one. Then today Riley and I were pulling into our drive way and a dog was coming toward us(thankfully on a leash). When the dog passed Riley and I were already in our driveway though only about 8 feet away. She kept her focus on me. And although she tried to look back once or twice when the dog who was walking past started to carry on, I was able to maintain her focus on me. She stayed calm and didn't become upset nor did she seemed worried in anyway. That was her 'YAY' moment. Something just clicked. For once she was the one who was completely calm and it was the other dog who was going crazy.

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