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Cap decides to train sheepdogs


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My friend got a 2 year old dog to work his brothers cattle.


He was having trouble and asked if he could show me what was happening.


The dog was clappy and would just lie down and stare then he work for a bit then lie down and stare.


(We were working my dog broke ram lambs)


Cap and Gunny were laying down as they were told while we worked.


Finally Cap couldn't stand it and ran up behind the dog and ever so carefully, nipped is the wrong word, its like when a dog is trying to get a really young lamb to move, anyway thats what he did on the dog's rump. The dog then got up and went around the sheep. Every time he'd stop, Cap would repeat this procedure till the dog was doing pretty well.


That little Cap! What a character!


I think my friend got photos which I'll try to post!

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