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I feed my guys kibble in the AM and raw at night. I've been hinting around to the hunters that I would love some meat scraps for the dogs. Unfortunately, most of them drop their game off at shops to be cut up. Anyway, one of the guys tells me yesterday he cut up some scraps for my guys and the neighbors beagle. It ends up being the cooked scraps off the steaks he made the night before :rolleyes: No biggie, since it's fresh elk and I don't really want it to go to waste, I divide it up between Grady and Lucia and gave it to them for a snack at lunch.


Grady eats ANYTHING :D I'm actually considering one of those dishes that has the little towers in it because I'm afraid he's going to choke one of these days :D I really don't think he tastes a thing :D


Lucia on the other hand is a finicky girl who needs everything just right. She even eats a boiled egg dainty :D She sniffs the bowl and turns her nose up at the cooked steak :D She finally takes a piece out and bounces it around a bit. She would nudge it and then push it into the floor with her nose. Everytime she tried to chew it, she'd spit it back out. It was sooooo funny to watch :D She finally ate the piece when Grady tried to take it away. She wouldn't touch the other pieces, so I put them in the fridge and gave them to Grady at dinner time.


Lucia is such a goof. The only other dog I had that would turn his nose up at food was a blood hound I had as a teenager. If he wasn't hungry, it would just sit in his bowl until he was - even steak. I think she didn't like it because it was cooked and not raw. My guys don't get table scraps and she was probably confused by the smell and texture.

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That is funny!

Daisy's eyes glaze over for red meat. Especially moose, and she couldn't care less if it's cooked or raw. Not too mention, she will take anything out of my hand. It is funny to watch her though when it's something she's never had before, with a weird texture or what have you, she will also nudge it and play with it on the floor until she figures out if it's edible or not!

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