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Kensmuir Fun Day trial Benefit in WI November 1st

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Passing on this info:


Saturday November 1st: 8:00am - 6:00pm (dusk most likely.) Benefit Fun Day Trial Runs




Kensmuir Working Stock Dog Center W8101 690th Ave River Falls WI




Do join us for a benefit for Marie Harsh: once a Midwest handler now in Georgia. Her husband recently and unexpectedly suffered a fatal heart attack. Marie can use our support as she and her dogs were unprepared for such a sad life changing loss. All entry fees will be donated.




Loads of opportunity; large field trial set up, triangle field trial set up, round pen with obstacle set up. Try a couple of different ones!


If there is a need, dogs will move to a smaller set up due to chasing or gripping.




Runs are $20.00. Please send an entry with a minimum of one prepaid run to Mary Sullivan (address above). You are invited to write a short note describing which field you'd like to work and a brief description of your dog's working characteristics. Any questions please email msullivan@dishup.us




There is plenty of room for parking. Plan on spending the day with your upper Midwest friends!

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