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Last Sunday morning I heard my 2.5 year old BC Lizzie choking on something. By the time I got up and turned the light on she wasn't making any noise and I could see she was in rear trouble. I gave her two or three hard wacks on her back and she started making some gaging noises again. She finally got what ever it was down, I think it was a rawhide bone.

I was wondering if this ever happens again if you can do the heinlich manuver on a dog? Where should you wrap your arms around the dog to squeeze? Has anyone had to do this to save their dog?

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I like this page (section 18 has a part on choking):




You can also do a search online - I used to have a site bookmarked that had a detailed description of canine CPR and mouth-to-mouth, etc.


I can imagine how scary that must have been!


I haven't done this to a dog, but I did give heimlich maneuver to a fantail golfish once.

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Good job for catching it too. That must have been scary. God Bless

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