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???? about Linotone

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Has anyone ever used Linotone for shedding? I was reading about shedding, and thought I'd like to try it, but would like an opinion about it from the board, before I spend the money. A friend of mine told me it was costly, but at this stage of the game, I don't really care about the cost, if it helps.

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I'd go with Cold pressed flax oil instead. Get it at the health food store, refrigerated section. Put a tablespoon or so on each feeding, healthy for the dog, will also put a beautiful coat as well as help shed out. Linotone's main ingredient would be flax oil (I'm assuming, Lin as in Linseed...)I also find that feeding canned salmon or mackerel (people grade) helps with coat and skin issues as well.

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Try fish oil capsules or canned mackerel. I used to feed canned mackerel a couple of times a week (either alone as a morning meal or on top of kibble) but now that I'm in CA the mackerel costs too much to feed that regularly. I give fish oil caps now. I know the raw feeding folks think fish oil is superior to flax oil but can't remember why. Be sure to get fish body oil, and not liver oil.


I take flax seed oil myself if my skin is feeling dry. It's good for hair, skin, nails, all that kind of stuff. Humans can take fish oil as well (and I give a brand that is for humans) but I can't stand the way it tastes. Even if it is a capsule (and sorry if this is gross), eventually you'll have to burp or something and it's not a flavor or odor you really want repeating on you.

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