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Forwarded by request from Laura Sanborn (saveourdogs.net):



AB 1634 will be voted on in the full California State Senate sometime on or after Thursday, August 7, 2008. The deadline for legislation to pass is August 31.


Please forward this email to your organization or club distribution lists and let them know that we need everyone's help to defeat AB 1634. We are close to having enough State Senators lined up to defeat it. But we are not there yet. We need an avalanche of phone calls, emails, and faxes to stop it.


Information about the current version of AB 1634 and how individuals can take action can be found on the Save Our Dogs website http://saveourdogs.net/


The current version of AB 1634 differs significantly from last year's version, and is in some ways much worse. The "new" AB 1634 establishes owning an intact dog or intact cat as a "secondary offense" according to bill author Assemblyman Levine in his testimony before the Senate Local Govermentment Committee. Make no mistake about what this means. It means that owing an intact dog or intact cat will be illegal in California -- NO EXCEPTIONS. NO exceptions for law enforcement dogs. NO exceptions for working ranch dogs. NO exceptions for hunting or sporting dogs. NO exceptions for search-and-rescue dogs, guide dogs for the blind, or service dogs for the disabled. NO exceptions for purebred dogs or pedigreed cats. NO exceptions for dogs or cats owned by responsible breeders. NO opportunity to purchase an intact permit. All of that was deleted when the bill was gut amended. The "primary offense" that triggers the "secondary offense" that can lead to a forced sterilization order need not be valid or upheld... it can be a frivolous or malicious allegation that is dismissed.


Please let me know if you need any help.


Thanks very much.


Laura Sanborn



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From Laura Sanborn (saveourdogs.net) below, cross-posted with permission. The August 12th amendments still leave us with what amounts to a mandatory spay-neuter bill.


This law will cost the state millions according to the official CA Dept. of Finance report -- and it is flat-out punishment for the crime of owning an intact dog or cat.


Emphasis below in bold is mine.


Thank you for your ongoing support,






-----Original Message-----

From: Of Laura Sanborn

Sent: Friday, August 15, 2008 10:11 PM

Subject: [ab1634] AB 1634 - Send Updated Opposition Letters




--- please cross post ---




Angie Niles and I visited the Capital today to convey to Senate staff our


continuing opposition to AB 1634.




Bottom line: it is imperative that everyone get updated opposition letters


to the Senators this weekend letting them know that we still oppose this






There is an impression among staff that the August 12 amendments negated


the opposition. If you have not sent an updated opposition letter to the


Senators specifically referencing the August 12 amended version of the


bill, you must do so this weekend, as the vote could be as early as Monday.



Our previous efforts worked. Levine stalled and then had to amend the bill


because we had it beat, just as we had done 10 times previously. We can do


it again. The clock is running out on this bill. But it isn't dead yet.




Contact everyone you know to get their updated letters out. Spread the word!




Here are some talking points to help formulate your opposition letter







Organizations need to FAX or email their updated opposition letters to all


40 State Senators.




Every Californian needs to FAX or email their updated opposition letter to


their own State Senator.




You can look up your State Senator here, and click through to his/her


website to get more contact info







A list of State Senators' fax numbers and email addresses is here







Laura Sanborn






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The bill was passed over again today in the legislature. Please continue to call, fax, and email the Senators. Don't let them think that we are satisfied by the latest amendments.


See: www.saveourdogs.net for a current update.


thank you,



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The measure was defeated today in the Senate, but may come back for re-vote next week. Meanwhile we have won a very important battle in the war.


From the saveourdogs.net website:


"AB 1634 Goes Down in Flames

The California State Senate overwhelingly rejected mandatory spay/neuter

today. The preliminary vote count is 5 YES, 27 NO. The supporters have

asked for reconsideration which means it can be brought up again next

week, so it's not over yet, but this was a huge victory. According to the

Legislature's rules all bills must be passed by both houses by August 31.

We will keep you informed, so please check back daily. We may have to

remind our Senators how important this bill is to us.

There are lots of people in this fight and we can't name them all. Thanks

to our Friends and to all of you who called, faxed, visted, and emailed

your senator. That will do. "





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