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Lats night my wife and I went out to dinner. While eating several people came by our table to say they saw the dogs in the paper. Now I know how Brad Pitt feels. They could not remember my name but they knew Mac, Pete and Dave. Funny but people must assume the dogs are well trained. Almost everyone explained that they had an out of control dog and I wanted to know what to do about it, this may be an opportunity of sorts. After dinner we took the dogs to a local beach. We were stopped by lots of people who wanted to meet the dogs. They had no idea who I was, at least my name but they knew Mac, Pete and Dave. Everyone was very pleased we were working the geese except one old lady who told me it was shameful to have my dogs attack geese. This was another good opportunity for education. I did not expect this sort of attention but on the other hand there can't be another person for a long distance who walks three border collies. I am going to contact the editor of the paper this week about doing a series of articles on well trained dogs.

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Your dogs are rockstars!



Really excellent idea about the series of articles - You're in a position to make a major impact on a lot of dogs' lives now, and that you're capitalizing on it is wonderful! You rock, too!

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