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Spay stitches

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Twist aka Evil Kennevial ( she climbs to the highest points she can and just jumps... WTF?!) was spayed a week from last Friday. Last Monday while we were at work she scaled a baby gate and two kitchen chairs adding and extra foot in height to the already 2.5 ft baby gate imprisoning her in her "puppy fortress of solitude" that is our kitchen. Apparently she felt that her 3month b-day was the appropriate time to achive her liberation. We came home to an extreamly happy and free ranging puppy with no more stitches in her belly. There really is nothing like an open wound when you walk in the door. *** Needless to say we are crating now even if she sometimes has an accident in the crate.***


So off to the E-vet. Twist had to be put back under, cleaned, nuked with anti-biotics & then re stitched with non-desolvable sutures. We were told to make an apt with "whomever," to have her stitches removed 7-14 days later. Here is the question of the hour, it has been 7 days, should I wait the full 14 or is 10 days usually enough with that sort of skin trauma. We have a rescue event to attend on Saturday and the cone head isn't the best way to attract a forever home. Especially when it is followed by the story of how it came into being. Plus the girl has been dying to just go nuts and play and the cone can be a little restrictive. ( There are teeth imprints from Poke playing tug with Twist by pulling on her cone... poor kid.) Also, she seemed to miraculously be able to "hold it" after the new stitches. Her first incision was significantly larger than Ceana's ever was and the stitching was "looser." Could that have effected her muscle streangth?

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Poke is playing tug with her cone....LOL. That must be humiliating for her!


We took Daisy in around the 10 day mark I think. Most of the stiches were healed except for 4 at the bottom (someone in my house was taking the cone off and not watching). They were almost there, so the vet took them out anyway and swabbed her down with an antibiotic and told me to watch them and still keep her indoors except to potty. She was fine. So I guess it depends on how they look...if they look like they are healed, 10 days would be when I'd bring her in, i'm thinking the incision was partially healed already. If they still look raw I would wait.

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I would check and see how the skin looks before making the decision. You can always take the cone off for the adoption meet and greet. I am sure someone will always be watching her (probably holding her) since she is so darn cute.


You can also let her play some just not a lot. All my dogs got some run time within about 3 days of surgery because they just had to no matter what I did to stop it so I just gave up and let them. I just monitored it all.


You gotta love the escape artists. She sounds like so much fun.

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