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Need a sheep shearer


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Hi All

Some of you know I'm moving out to CO hopefully soon. My DH started his new job as the facilities manager of some jr. colleges in the Glenwood Springs area already. I"m still here in AR trying to sell the farm.

Well he's been on the job only 2 days and has called. He toured the vet tech farm today and says there's a Merino ram there desprately in need of shearing. He says it looks like he's not been sheared in more than a year. Now you have to keep in mind that he's no farmer, I am. His only experience with woolies is the few Cheviots that I had. So I'm not sure about his assesment of the situation. But I'm sure that he's right and this ram needs shearing. They must have someway to transport their stock. DH says it looks like they take in stock that are in pretty rough conditioin. So....

I'm looking for the name(s) of a shearer that would be willing to shear this one lone ram. I'm pretty sure that DH or some other employee will transport the ram to the shearer as I know of no one that will travel to shear one sheep.


Any names or numbers would be a great help.



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