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VBCA Sanctioned Novice Trial in Berryville VA

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Keepstone Farm

Novice Trial

July 26 and July 27 2008

Two trials each day


Sanctioned by VBCA


Entries open June 19. All entries must be accompanied by check. Entries close July 9 or when trial is full. No refunds after this date. Campers welcome; no hook-ups.


Make checks payable to: Susan Rhoades

Send entries to : Laurie Anderson

573 Cider Drive

Bunker Hill, WV 25413


$20.00 per dog per class: Nov/Nov, Pro/Nov, and Ranch.

Directions and more info at: www. keepstonefarm.com



Owner/handler----------Dog------Sat Trial 1/Sat Trial 2------Sun Trial 1/Sun Trial 2


______________ _________ _________/_________ _________/__________


______________ _________ _________/_________ _________/__________


______________ _________ _________/_________ _________/__________


I understand that I am responsible for any cost incurred as a result of damages caused by me or my family or any dogs to facilities, animals or persons; and that in the event of personal injury, or damages to my property or animals, I will not hold Keepstone Farm, the owners, operators employees, or workers responsible.


Signature ______________________________________Date___________


Address ______________________________________________________


E-mail ____________________________ Phone # ____________________


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