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Friends Dobie trial ready....

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After my friend saw how much fun I was having with Joy in agility, she caught the bug. So, six months ago, she signed up for her first lessons. I'm very proud to say my best friend beat me at my own game and got her *Ahem* doberman trial ready before me :D:D:D I'm soooo proud of her, and Dominick too, with all the hard work they've put in. I've trained Dom a fair bit too with agility and obedience, so she wants me to share the glory and run him. Unfortunately, I passed because of how slow he is compared to Joy-I'm scared I might boot him up the butt to go faster :rolleyes:


She has a dog walk, teeter, weaves and a few jumps, so I brought my tunnel to her house and we had a mini agility party. Joy had never met Dom before, and she completely ignored him while she did her thing. She was actually able to focus, and the session was actually making a dent in her thick, reactive skull.


my friend is the only one in her intermediate agility class, and it's only the 2nd week in, so she asked the trainer if I could do an eval. lesson early this week and join her on thursday. She gave it the OK and now we're scheduled to get Joy evaluated on her skills. I'm really hoping Dom will further help with her remaining reactivity. His first trial is rapidly approaching, and Joy was invited to tag along...this is fantastic news for me, because now Joy can get the ringside experience she needs :D


Does any one have any suggestions for my friend on getting Dominick mentally prepared for the show, how to keep her nerves in check, and what she should bring? Thanks a ton!

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I am a little confused (that happens a lot :rolleyes:) I am guessing you mean you are going to an agility trial. If you are (WOO HOO). They are a whole lot of fun, and from being at three, all in different weather, you really need to be prepared for anything.


Towels are a must, paper towels, and bath towels. You never know when you will need them, especially if it rains. Extra pair of socks and or clothes, again, if it rains you will be thankful lol. Its summer, so a hat and sunblock help keep the burn away. Your dogs kennel, or x-pen, toys if you plan to play with him, and lots and LOTS of water. Trials are an all day thing, usually from around 6am to 6pm maybe later(in my experience). If its an outdoor trial it would be wise to have a tent, or know someone who would be willing to share their tent. two of the three trials I have been to were outdoors. At one trial it poured on and off for the first 3 hours. The second it was extremely sunny, and even with my sunblock, I got some serious burn :D. Indoors or outdoors, you are going to want to bring chairs, and plenty of poop bags. I don't suggest bringing along food to feed your dog, I usually wait till I get home for that so there isn't a possibility of going potty in the ring. You may want to bring something to read and snack on. Most importantly don't forget your dog! Its no fun running a course by yourself lol.


I may have forgotten a few key things. I havent trialed much, once in Oct. 07 -- took a break to train dark tunnels, then in Dec. 07 -- took a break to re-train contacts, and I just started up again this summer.


Trials are a lot of fun, and people are really nice and helpful. You and Joy should get a lot of experience going an watching. I am not sure what venue it is, but they have practice equipment set up (a jump, sometimes weaves), you and Joy could give that a go! Practice with distractions :D



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Hmmmm...if it's a local trial that I don't have to stay at a hotel I take:






-cooler with drinks

-water bowl (I use water at the site, I don't cart my own)

-regular collars with ID and leashes

-show leashes



-sandals to drive home in


If it's raining or outdoors I take a tent and a change of clothes.


If you're just going to watch I'd advise volunteering some. There's nothing like being down in the show ring to see how the whole thing really works! Plus you might earn a free lunch or raffle tickets and the gratitude of the host club.



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