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Canine Renal Failure


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My smallest and oldest has just been diagnosed with renal failure. It came from routine bloodwork so he's still "alright" so to speak but I know we'll be dealing with it sooner rather than later.


I know about diet...and I know about fluids and it sounds like there are some meds also that help extend life expectancy. Are there any other helpful hints?


He's going on 16 so I know he's had a great long life...but I'd very selfishing like it to be longer. He's still very spry and playful...a little deaf and toothless but otherwise pretty normal.




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There are homeopathic remedies as well; consult with a homeopathic or naturalpath vet. WE used phosporus, kelp, Vit E, Cal Mag; Ours was diagnosed at 7 months old and lived to almost 7...


Yahoo groups has some K9 Kidney lists that are very very active


Determine your path ahead of time because you can prolong the life but it may not be worthwhile for the dog.



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We walked through renal failure with a young dog...and I can also recommend the K9Kidney yahoo group. Really helpful recipes and advice there. The name of the game was keeping phosphorus levels low, as damaged kidneys can't process it and high levels cause further damage. It becomes a downward spiral. So, special diet was our first step (we went raw, with care to keep proper calcium/phosphorus ratio...very few bones and a low-phosphorus calcium supplement), naturopathic supplements, fluids as things progressed...we also utilized acupuncture, which was surprisingly effective. Kept lots of water around...avoided toxins of any kind, including those possibly found in processed foods and cheap kibble. I did subq fluids (fluids under the skin) daily the last month or two, although I'm not sure how much good it did her. (This is contrasted with IV fluid therapy, which can have the measurable positive effect of flushing the system where the kidneys can't) The yahoo groups really push the sub-q fluids at home, although the benefit vs cost (suffering of dog) was always on my mind.


Our sweetheart lived 1 1/2 years with heavily damaged kidneys, and did very well until the last 2-3 weeks. I knew when it was time, because she let me know she wasn't having a good time anymore. I believe that with an older dog, where renal failure is pretty natural if you live long enough, you can hold it at bay enough that it won't effect lifespan or quality of life.


Good luck...

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