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Kipp goes to school

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Today a local elementary school held their annual Arts Day. Different folks from the community come in and demonstrate fine arts and skills to the children.


I was there demonstrating dog training. I've been there before with Missy and figured that I'd probably do most of the demonstrating with her as she is quite dependable. Kipp was going along more for the socialization aspect.


Kipp did very well, was not fazed by the surroundings, the kids or even the shiny hallway floor :rolleyes:. And, as Missy was more than content to chill out in her crate, I ended up using him the most. Towards the end of the day he did get a bit antsy and his hearing got a little selective but, hey, he'd been there for close to 5 hours and had had 6 classes cycle in and out of the room.


I was really happy with my little guy - it's neat to see the progress he's made :D

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