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Last night I was having dinner with a colleague of mine whose parents, retired sheep farmers, were visiting from Australia. My colleagues think it's great entertainment to talk about our pack of dogs (I don't think a single colleague of mine has more than one dog) and so the parents asked me about them and were excited to talk about border collies. They used Kelpies primarily because they said the BCs couldn't handle the heat, but then said they'd had a scotch collie that was a better worker than any of the Kelpies.


I don't really know what the level of work they did with the dogs was--and I didn't know until I came home and googled it that "scotch" collies were more or less the Lassie-types. Always something new to learn.....


ETA: Indeed, as I googled further, I see that the "Scotch" collie is also the term for a more generic "farm" collie.....

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A generation or so ago, "Scotch collie" in Australia was a smooth coat "collie", ie, Border Collie before it was called a Border Collie.


There are some places out West in the US where that was true, too.

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I googled them a while back and most of the pictures I found, they looked exactly like my rough coat collie/border collie mix. Smaller and leaner with a lighter coat than a rough coat, but taller and leggier than a border collie. And the collie face, the long muzzle and little tiny head lol.

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