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Fish Oil and Vitamin E

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Both Fenn and Zoey are itching like crazy....we did have a flea issue, but that seems to be well under control now (knock on wood). But still they scratch. Fenn eats Taste of the Wild and Zoey eats Solid Gold Barking at the Moon. I am thinking of supplementing with fish oil to help with the itching, shedding, and Zoey's dry skin.


So, I have read all the previous discussions I could find and realize you need to supplement with both, BUT what if the food (Taste of the Wild) already has 200 IU of vitamin E in it????? Is this for the Omega 3s already in the food? Should I even add more?

This whole supplementing thing is confusing.


Both dogs weigh 32 lbs. So how much of each is ideal?


Thanks! I apologize for re-hashing this again, but want to make sure I do the right thing.

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No problem rehashing.


You supplement with additional E because you need antioxidants when you supplement with oils, to help the body process the oils properly. Actually, what happens is that increasing your dog's exposure to fatty acids taps his own reserves of vitamin E, so it's best to supplement right along with the oil.


Supplement an additional 200 mg of E for each 2000 mg of fish oil you provide, but stop at 400 mg per 40 pounds of dog, and never more than 800 total for any size dog (I'd stop well before that, myself, if giving every day). Less is better than more, so round down - or just give every other day.


Start with 1000 mg of fish oil, then go to 1500 after a couple weeks if you don't see the result you are looking for, and then 2000 mg. Remember that five thousand mg is a teaspoon of oil, so don't go crazy - it's possible to overdo it with a smaller dog - a teaspoon of oil all at once is enough to give a dog digestive upset or even pancreas problems. That's a pretty long shot - just be sensible and go slow. :rolleyes:

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