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Joy wasn't in training last week beacuse I was sick, and I was having "behavioral issues", as dad calls it. So for two weeks I've been working hard on recalls, and on her watch. I've been pretty proud of her, until today.


Today, I've been immensely...proud...happy...joyful...idk. just pretty dang proud. Just as proud as when you're kid rides a bike for the first time. We still have some roadblocks, like lunging and barking when dogs do a run, but I took her outside so she could regain her head and have a fresh mind so she could focus on our team, not the corgis or ACD.


The first couple times she ran off, but I was able to down her mid run. I would tell her to "here", then to "down", so she would gradually creep forward while in a down. Once I got her back, she nailed the course with perfect accuracy. No knocked jumps, blown contacts or any thing. She duck out of the weaves twice, by handler error. Joy also went off course at the end, because she was thristy to the point she couldn't think, but we fixed that!


But, Joy actually did the weaves better then the other three. She did them so fast, she was actually 2 stepping! It was a first, without slanted poles or channels.


Also, she didn't fall off the dog walk. And, she tipped the teeter and let it bounce with out her jumping off the top for the tunnel.


I think I've been making improvements too. I find Ive been more clear with my body language, I'm talking to her more, being a LOT louder, and spitting out my commands faster. I think we are making a better team :rolleyes:

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Sounds like she's coming around great. I can't wait for warmer weather as Usher has the speed and I don't LOL. I guess I have to be like I did with Migraine and be about 5 moves ahead of him. WTG. I think we might be doing too much obedience, rally and now agility- plus he has his service dog duties- that really poops his out (he's always thinking one step ahead of me) I just :rolleyes: both my dogs.

You are doing a great job- kudos

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