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Rune's drive to herd other dogs has only gotten more extreme and pronounced, no matter what I do. So, I've decided to look into herding lessons, for us both.


Whether this will improve or worsen her bahvior is yet to be seen...


I looked up a few 'local' trainers. There is one in Scottsville, KY, about 2.5 hours away from me, named John Christohper Knight. Anyone ever heard of him? Anything good/bad about him? In the advertising listed about him, it stated he'd trained dogs for national competitions and such.


I wrote him, explained my situation, and he's offered to give me a free instinct test on goats (goats that have been herded by dogs for at least 6 generations, he said this makes them 'born afraid of dogs' so they're good for beginners since they aren't as fast as sheep?) and my first lesson free, and then tell me where to go from there. He sounded like he knew his stuff, and I was happy to hear the instinct testing and first lesson would be free, especially because I'll be driving far out there to see him.


So, any input would be awesome.

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Hey - Go to Vergil Holland just north of Lexington. He's been training dogs and doing lessons forever and does a good job. He does a ton of beginner lessons and is probably closer to you - Cynthianna KY. I don't know anything about Chris' lessons so i can't really offer anything there.

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I haven't heard of John Christopher Knight, but that doesn't rule out his being a good trainer. Maybe somebody else will have info to post. I did Google him, and what I found suggests he has an agricultural orientation, at least, and that's to the good.


Vergil Holland is certainly an excellent suggestion -- a very well-known trainer -- and it does sound like he would be closer to you.

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