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It's been a long time since I've posted but I wanted to re-introduce myself and our latest BC, Gomer. He is an 8-month-old blue merle whom we rescued from an unfortunate situation in South Carolina. He's getting along well with our 10-year-old female pointer/lab cross, Thelma Lou. This is the youngest BC we've ever had and we didn't know they could be so darned goofy. This morning he ate a (small) rock, which we didn't realize until he hocked it up on the living room carpet. He also went a little moon-crazy at the dog park last night, which got all the other dogs going as well. He is a sweet boy and we're so happy to have him. He replaces Opie, another blue merle who passed away last summer at the age of 11.




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You're so right about the goofiness. This is my first experience with a BC and Jedi is 7 mo. old. Right at this moment he is half under the chair cover of my dining room chair playing hide and seek with our other dog Cadi. Congrats on your new addition!





Yes...we are counting the days until Gomer turns 2!! Until then we'll enjoy his antics.

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He's a very handsome merley boy! And what a funny name! I'm very glad he's been rescued by someone who can appreciate him.


I've got an 8-month old b/w silly girl bc who has been testing us a lot, but she's sweet, too, and we're managing.


My husband and I decided a long time ago that we would name all of our dogs after characters on the Andy Griffith show. Our first dog, a BC, was Floyd, then we got Thelma Lou, who's still with us, then Opie, who passed away last year, and now Gomer. Gomer's original name was Ringo, so we figured with the "go" already in there, the transition to Gomer would be easy. And he's learned it very quickly. He is also a TOTAL Gomer...the name fits him perfectly! :rolleyes:

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