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My Future SAR dog...

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Well, Ido and I are on our way to see if we have what it takes to make a good SAR pair! We contacted our local SAR team, and we're meeting with the team leader this weekend. I had a lengthy phone conversation with him this evening, and 45 minutes later we had arrangements to meet this coming Sunday.


Almost a year ago I was trying to find Ido a place among SAR and drug dogs, because I was afraid of not being able to afford her medical expenses. Those problems are well behind us now, and I've been reading up and getting more interested in SAR training. I've no doubt she's going to be incredible. She's...just so sharp, so clever--well, who am I kidding? She IS a border collie!


Wish us luck! :rolleyes:



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I second that. I don't think you need the luck. But just for the heck of it, good luck! Let us know how it goes.

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