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Hi! Anyone got any "tricks" in mind?


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Hey! I'm a proud owner of an Australian Shepherd! I've taught her many tricks...about twelve. I know that there are many other tricks out there that she can learn. But-I have no idea. I taught her sit, shake, lay down, rollover, play dead, spin around, go up(on items), off, jump, back up, drop items...and that's it. I was planning to teach her how to "beg" or "bow" but it was quite difficult. Are there any ways how to teach her to beg or bow? I can't put her in those formations. And, are there any other good tricks out there? Thanks. I really appreciate your help!

(We do not use her for herding)



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Hi. You may want to move this to the general discussion section. While it is under the heading "training," the bigger heading over that is "Working Stockdogs."



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