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Polo's first introduction to agility

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Last minute today I decided to sign Polo up for intro to agility class despite I'm still on crutches (I got my coworker's wife to go with me). To my surprise Polo did really well on his first day at agility, he understood exactly what I was asking and worked with me really well. At first I thought one of the owner's Sheltie would do best because of it's size and how well it behaved, but to my surprise it was afraid to do any of the courses (Polo was so eager to do each obstacles). The instructor was a little surprised to see how well Polo did and how well we worked together.


I think right now I'm just addicted as Polo is. :rolleyes:


Oh yea, Golden Poodle don't do too well on the bridge thing, he kept stumbling off the platform. :D

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I'm glad to hear you've kept him and are more positive about getting things to work with him. I hope this helps you feel better about the situation with him. From what I understand, it is both a physical and a mental challenge and can really help build your relationship.


Good luck to both of you!

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I just got cleared to use both my feet about 30 minutes ago! Soon we'll be going back to the good o' days. :rolleyes: Polo still works best with me in training even though he's spent a lot of time with family and friends. At the agility training yesterday, even though it's the first day, it was clear that when my friend's wife (who Polo spends a ton of time with) that they don't communicate as well. Polo had once miss on the weave with me (my crutches got in the way) and other than that, there isn't really he didn't do well at. The stress level is much lower for me now that I can walk around and get him taken care of.

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